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Second coordination meeting: roadmap and review

Today, LIFE MixForChange project partners have met in the CTFC to coordinate the actions that will be carried out this year. These actions will implement innovative forest management models promoting adaptation to climate change in subhumits Mediterranean mixed forests. They have also reviewed the work done so far, like agreements with the owners of the forests on which actions will be implemented.

Several members of the project partnership attended the meeting. CTFC


Solsona, 17 March 2017. The headquarters of the CTFC, leading partner, have welcomed this morning the second coordination meeting of the project Life MixForChange, in which members of the project partnership also attended: Forest Ownership Centre (CPF), Forest Owners Association of Serra de Bellmunt-Collsacabra (APFSBE), Owners Association of Montnegre i Corredor (APMC).

In addition to establishing the roadmap for this year, the meeting has reviewed actions carried out so far. During these first months, there have been several contacts with forest owners, as well as visits in those patches potentially eligible to take part in implementation actions (C1, C2, C3 and C4).

As a result of this work, 34 patches have been established, covering an area of ​​164 ha. In addition, agreements reached between project partners and forest owners have been reflected in the signing of 19 agreements for action

The project has a duration of 5 years and will continue until 2021. Areas where demonstrative stands will be located are from Montnegre-Corridor, Montseny, Bellmunt-Collsacabra mountains and Ripollès.