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A total of 27 Actions will be implemented, from 2016 to 2021

Preparatory actions (“A” actions):

Agreement letters with the owners of the areas selected for the silvicultural interventions, diagnosis of each forest, customized design of the interventions and issuing legal and administrative permissions.

Implementation actions (“C” actions):

  • Implementation of innovative management schemes in forests dominated by Quercus ilex subsp. ilex, Castanea sativa, oaks (Quercus petraea, Q. pubescens, Q. canariensis) and Pinus sp, in a total of 164 ha.
  • Developing new tools to improve the economics of Subhumid Mediterranean forest management. Protocols for tree quality classification, research and catalogue of added value products, pilot system for logistics and commercialization of not-transformed forest products.
  • Tools to integrate the adaptation of Sub-humid Mediterranean forests to climate change into the policy and legal framework. Vulnerability models, technical and policy guidelines, review and adaptation of legal framework.
  • Replicability actions.

Monitoring actions (“D” actions):

Evaluation of the ecological and silvicultural effects of the innovative forest models, and of the socioeconomic impact of the project. An external Expert Committee will be established to sustain the technical quality and the achievement of project objectives. These actions include a thorough monitoring of various parameters

Communication and dissemination actions (“E” actions):

Addressed to the different target stakeholders (forest owners, managers, technicians and consultants, decision-makers and public administration, society), with expected incidence at local and international level (including networking activities).

Management and project progress monitoring actions (“F” actions):

In order to ensure the optimal achievement of technical, administrative and financial development of the project.